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Megan Berlinger is an experienced healthcare leader and mother of two.  Megan chases after God, her family, and her career. Her favorite chasing is her personal running and watching her children's activities.  She also enjoys watching any UNC-Chapel Hill sporting event.  Megan is a Tar Heel born and bred as a double UNC-Chapel Hill alumnae (BSPH and MHA).

Megan’s passion is in organizational design and effectiveness, process improvement that leads to long term sustainable results and empowering individuals in process evaluation.  As evidenced in her recent role of establishing a service line it is apparent that she is always up for a challenge.  She advises in the community (most recently of the YMCA), on the Association of Academic Surgical Administrator national board, and is a reoccurring contributor for the CV Business Magazine.


Walter believes that sharing the vision is essential for every business leader regardless of industry or discipline.  These leaders must provide a roadmap for their organizations to succeed.  When business leaders embrace this philosophy and operate as servant-leaders or manager-coaches, they guide the workforce, cultivate exceptional performance and lead high performing organizations.

With over twenty-five years of experience in academic medicine, higher education, and not for profit organizations, this father of two is adept at leading change in complex organizations.  An accomplished leader in Organizational Management and Operational Design processes, Walter has a passion for building a ‘better mouse trap’ and assisting professionals develop into their best selves as they grow and mature in their careers while advancing the goals and objectives of their business.


Demonstrated by her executive leadership in healthcare and banking, and a foray in manufacturing, Rebecca comes from a diverse professional background.  Her experience also includes coaching highly specialized professionals and reengineering dysfunctional teams for success.  With her Six Sigma training, she is analytical in her approach to process improvement and thrives on change. Her development of effective shared service models is well received by leaders and frontline staff alike. 

As a wife and mom of two, Rebecca understands the challenges of trying to juggle a robust professional and personal life.  She acquired her MBA while working full-time and received a crash course in time management.  Rebecca is a native Kentuckian living in Dallas and can "y’all" with the best of them! 


Bess is a healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience.  She serves/served on the board of several professional societies including Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), Association of Academic Surgical Administrators (AASA) and Association of Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM).  In addition to her work experience, she has written articles and given numerous national talks on a wide variety of topics.   Bess leverages skills learned both on the sports field and from her career to help transform teams, lead change, drive process improvement, operational efficiency and mentor developing talent.

Bess currently lives in a Nashville Tennessee with her two teenage children, husband, and various pets.  She has a Bachelors degree from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Business Administration from Wake Forest.  Outside of work, she is a passionate DIYer, artist, gardener and outdoors woman.


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