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Thank you Michelle Obama and Jackie O

September 19, 2017

While I was getting ready this morning my thoughts wrote a “Jimmy Kimmel” style thank you note to Michelle Obama and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 


As a female I greatly appreciate the impact both first ladies had on style in the workplace.  Ten years ago I would not have felt comfortable to wear sleeveless professional attire.  Thanks to Michelle Obama, not only do I look great, but feel amazing in sleeveless dresses each summer. 


Likewise, I have an ensemble that I call my Jackie O suit and similarly, I feel comfortable and ultra-professional on days I wear it.


These dresses and suits become my power attire. Both very different, but empowering.  I feel comfortable and on top of my game.  While a dress does not actually give me super powers or make me smarter, if I am more comfortable and confident I will perform better that day.  My mind does not focus on a specific factor of my attire.  It is released to focus on more important pieces of the day.


Beyond the super power of dressing for confidence, also note the important take-away that formal and informal leaders impact the world around them.  Whether it is what they wear or words they say other females are watching and listening.  They are impacted.  What fashion choices do you notice in females around you?  What items do you emulate?  Are you aware that others are impacted by your actions? 


Thank you Michelle and Jackie for professional examples to empower females.  Thank you for your timelessness and grace.  



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