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Your Mantra Password: Hardwiring Focus

October 3, 2017


In the age of information security, our organization requires a system password reset every three months.  There are many tricks to creating a password that is secure and yet not too secure where you cannot remember it. Using your pet or child’s names are often favorites. However, you may be missing an opportunity to hardwire your focus.


Consider using this novel approach; find a phrase or word that you want to reinforce for the next three months.  Utilize that word or phrase as your password.  You may want to end it with a number or character to provide emphasis such an exclamation point, as well as meet security requirements. Instead of mindlessly trying to remember your latest password iteration, use this opportunity to fortify your current effort.  


Mantras originated in Hinduism or Buddhism as a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in spiritual or sacred meditation.  In modern culture, mantras have a more secular or broad base application.  A few years ago, I researched common practices of successful individuals.  I was surprised how many of these individuals began their day with a mantra each morning. 


This practice was a challenge for me. Getting out the door in the morning for work can often be an ordeal on its own.  I am not regimented enough at that time of day to meditate and focus.  But, I’ve learned that using my mantra driven password is great way for me to sneak this practice into my everyday routine!   I type my passwords at work multiple times a day—creating a great way to redirect my attention back to my mantra throughout the day, not only at the beginning.


How to establish your mantra password? 

  • A single word that comes naturally related to a goal

  • Inspirational quotes that relate to your goal.

  • Turn your actual goal into a phrase or word.

I’d love to hear from you about successful ways you’ve hardwired focus in your life!  


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